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I'm newbie in c++. I have xml file and this code:

XmlDocument^ xml = gcnew XmlDocument();
xml -> Load( "url.xml" );

box -> Text = xml -> DocumentElement -> GetElementsByTagName("item") -> Item(0) -> GetElementsByTagName("title") -> Item(0) -> InnerXml; // This code doesnt work.

and xml file:


I want get title tag from first Item. And I dont know how. Help please.

upd. I tried this code, but it not work :(

xml -> DocumentElement -> GetElementsByTagName("item") -> Item(0) -> ChildNodes  -> GetElementsByTagName("title") -> Item(0) -> InnerXml;
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If I call xml.LoadXml() using a string that copies what you have for your file, I get an error that </description doesn't have an end >. If I fix that, I get an XmlException because you have multiple root elements. If I remove the second <item>, then I can get this to give me the title (converted on the fly from my C# code):

XmlElement^ item = (XmlElement)(xml->GetElementsByTagName("item")->Item(0));
string^ title = item->GetElementsByTagName("title")->Item(0)->InnerXml;
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This code work fine.

System::String ^ item =  xml -> DocumentElement -> GetElementsByTagName("item")->Item(0) -> OuterXml;

XmlDocument^ xmlt = gcnew XmlDocument();
xmlt -> LoadXml( item );

System::String^ title = xmlt -> DocumentElement -> GetElementsByTagName("title")->Item(0)-> OuterXml;

box -> Text = title;
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