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I'm generating some pdf files using reportlab. I have a certain section that is repeated. It contains of a header and a table:

            Story.append(Paragraph(header_string, styleH))

How can I group the paragraph with the table (in latex I would put them into the same environment) so that in case of a page brake, the paragraph and table stay together? Currently the paragraph sometimes floats at the end of one page and the table starts on top of the next page.

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You can try to put them together in a KeepTogether flowable, like so:

Story.append(KeepTogether([Paragraph(header_string, styleH), table])

However be aware that, last I checked, the implementation was not perfect and would still split up items too frequently. I know it does a good job of keeping a single flowable together that would otherwise split, like if you were to say:

Story.append(KeepTogether(Paragraph(header_string, styleH))

then that paragraph would not get split unless it was impossible for it not to be.

If KeepTogether doesn't work for you, I'd suggest creating a custom Flowable with your paragraph and table inside it and then during layout make sure your custom Flowable subclass does not allow itself to be split up.

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this is the solution that I found going through the reportlab source code:

paragraph = Paragraph(header_string, styleH)
paragraph.keepWithNext = True
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I like using story[-1].keepWithNext = True as it makes code shorter and cleaner and can be easily added and removed without having to change the variable name. It's useful for keeping items in loops together because you can set story[-1].keepWithNext = True in the loop and then story[-1].keepWithNext = False after the loop to disconnect the stuff added in the loop from whatever is added next. – jenniwren Mar 14 at 23:27

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