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I'm using the new chart helper method available in the System.Web.Helpers assembly as shown here

It works just fine when i run the app in visual studio's inbuilt server. But when I publish the website to a virtual directory in IIS on my local machine, the image doesnt show up and in its place a "red cross" mark shows up.

I'm not using any relative paths and static content is available on the server since I can see other images displayed properly in my app when published.

Here's my view

{img src="/Home/GetRainfallChart" alt="chart" /}

This is the action

    public ActionResult GetRainfallChart()

        var key = new Chart(width: 600, height: 400).AddSeries(
                               chartType: "area",
                               legend: "Rainfall",
                               xValue: new[] { "Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May" },
                               yValues: new[] { "20", "20", "40", "10", "10" })
        return null;

DO i need to copy any dlls also when publishing?

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Found the solution

Need to do this for that to work on IIS when hosted on a virtual directory

<img src = <%= Url.Content("~/Home/GetRainfallChart") %>" alt="chart" />
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