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Given changesets


How can I get a listing of all changesets that come before d. Ie: how can you use hg log to return a-b-c?

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You can do hg log -r :d (but it will also display d).

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That works for a linear history, but not for anything more complex. That shows all revisions numerically lower than or equal to d, but that will includes changes on other branches that haven't been merged into d. – Ry4an Jan 25 '11 at 21:36


hg log -r "ancestors(d)"

This requires the revsets feature in Mercurial 1.7 and later. See hg help revsets for some great fun.

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hg log -r d::a


hg log -r a::d

This will require a reasonably recent (I believe 1.6 or later) version of Mercurial to work.

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