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I have a currentStateChange handler. In that handler. I want to set another state based on a variable. The currentStateChange handler fires but in the handler function it won't change it to the next state. I know when it gets to the handler point the state has already changed. I'm hoping it something I'm missing and not a Flex limitation...

* state > state2 > I can't change to state 3 inside state change handler *

 private function onStateChange(e:Event):void
         //THIS FIRES

          if(applicationViewModel.eremndr_mode == ApplicationViewModel.ERMNDR_MODE_LOGIN)
                //it gets here but won't change to Signup state!
                prescreenViewModel.prescreen_state ='Signup';

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I believe he issue was an effect that was attached to the transition was still playing so it ignored my request to change the state

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