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Got the immutable part, always miss that, Thanks all

Hi All,

String test = "John, Jane";

test.Replace(" ","");

String[] toList = test.Split(',', ' ', ';');

How would you remove just the space in the string or any space that shows up potentially?

Why is there 3 items in array and not 2?

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To remove any space, just replace it with any empty string:

test = test.Replace(" ", "");

Note that just calling string.Replace won't do it - strings are immutable, so the return value of string.Replace is a reference to a new string with the relevant replacements.

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Got it and updated the OP, thanks for the help everyone. –  Rod Jan 25 '11 at 19:51
@rod: Given the mistake in the code shown in the question, do you still need any help? –  Jon Skeet Jan 25 '11 at 19:52

It's as simple as:

test=test.Replace(" ","");

If you want any whitespace to be removed you'll need a regex:

using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
Regex r=new Regex("\\s+");

Re: Why is there 3 items in array and not 2?

Because you're splitting by both comma and space (split arg 1+2) because there's both a comma and a space between John and Jane you're getting:

["John", "", "Jane"] // (in JSON notation ;))
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        string test2 = test.Replace(" ", "");
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If you want to remove all types of whitespace, you can use string noWhiteSpace = Regex.Replace("John, Jane", @"\s", string.Empty); If you just want to remove the space character, use string noSpace = "John, Jane".Replace(" ",string.Empty);

Just saw the second part to your question you added in your edit:

You get three items in your array because your test string will split at each token contained in your list of characters to split at. Your string contains both a space and a comma, and you get a split at the comma, and a split at the space.

If you don't want the empty entries, you can use the following:

String[] toList = test.Split(new char[] {',', ' ', ';'}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);

Of course, if you have the whitespace removed, then you won't have any spaces to split at.

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So the full solution would be this:

String test = "John, Jane";

test = test.Replace(" ","");

String[] toList = test.Split(',', ';');

Why is there 3 items in array and not 2?

For 2 reasons: 1) when you call Replace you are generating a new string, and you need to store it in some variable - the original string is immutable. 2) Then you were using a space (' ') as one of separators when calling Split; you don´t need that (you are removing all spaces in the previous line).

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