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I know Java and C# both have library package to support concurrency programming. Does anyone know whether or not there is library package for C? Thanks

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  1. Qt QThread
  2. pthread
  3. MPI (for computations on multiple computers)
  4. (more)
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At the lowest level, you have pthreads, which give you threads, locks, condition variables, etc. It's about as basic as you can get. If your program uses a framework, it might provide its own threading primitives so you don't have to use pthreads directly.

  1. Qt Threading Support
  2. Glib threads (used by GTK)
  3. Boost threads (for C++)

Other packages provide higher-level concurrency operations that may be easier to reason about.

  1. Intel Threading Building Blocks
  2. OpenMP
  3. MPI
  4. QtConcurrent
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There is OpenMP which is supported by compilers like icc, msvc and gcc (at least).

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