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I am using the joda time library in my grails project. I've installed the searchable plugin. I have a few domains but the most important now :

import org.joda.time.DateTime

class Entry {

     static searchable = {
     except = ['id', 'version']
     spellCheck "include"
     tags component: true

     title boost: 2.0
        dateCreated boost: 2.0

 String title
 String content
 DateTime dateCreated
 DateTime lastUpdated


But on initialization I encounter the following error:

Unable to map [Entry.dateCreated]. It does not appear to a suitable 'searchable property' (normally simple types like Strings, Dates, Numbers, etc), 'searchable reference' (normally another domain class) or 'searchable component' (normally another domain class defined as a component, using the 'embedded' declaration). Is it a derived property (a getter method with no equivalent field) defined with 'def'? Try defining it with a more specific return type

My question: Is it possible to make the dateCreated and/or lastUpdated properties searchable in grails? If possible, how can this be done?



If I was to define a custom converter in my config.groovy like so:

Map compassSettings = [ 'compass.converter. funkyConverter.type':'com.acme.compass.converter.FunkyConverter']

What is then defined in the FunkyConverter class?

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The version of compass that came with version 0.6 of Searchable (any maybe earlier versions) had some special case code in it (in class org.compass.core.converter.DefaultConverterLookup) for the org.joda.time.DateTime class. I can't speak directly to whether it works or not, but it looked like it would try to automatically make use of org.compass.core.converter.extended.DataTimeConverter included in Compass for the joda DateTime class.

However, for joda LocalDate and LocalTime classes, there was no built-in support. A recent bug fix to Searchable version 0.6.1 ( ) along with the use of the registerClass configuration in Searchable.groovy shown below has fixed my "It does not appear to a suitable 'searchable property'..." problem that was occurring at application startup while domain objects were being instantiated in Bootstrap.groovy.

compassSettings = [
    "compass.converter.jodatime.type": "net.streamrecorder.web.converter.LocalTimeConverter",
    "compass.converter.jodatime.registerClass": "org.joda.time.LocalTime"

Note that net.streamrecorder.web.converter.LocalTimeConverter is my own creation. I modeled it after org.compass.core.converter.extended.DataTimeConverter. There is also a converter for LocalDate in this diff referenced from the GPSEARCHABLE-28 ticket: ( ) And of course, you still need to specify your converter for your domain member variable in your domain class as described here: ( )

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