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i'm new to Google Maps Api. I compared the javascript and flash map events and found that there is an "idle" event in Javascript API. There is the following advice in the google docs:

Note that you could listen to the bounds_changed event but it fires continuously as the user pans; instead, the idle will fire once the user has stopped panning/zooming.

But i haven't found such an event in actionscript API. There are ZOOM_CHANGED, DRAG_END, etc events, but nothing like "idle". Am i missing something or this event was not ported to the actionscript api? As far as i understand, that is a really useful thing - to wait until a user stops at some viewport instead of immediate handling of all his pan/zoom actions (cause it will affect the performance and produce unnecessary requests for marker data). Maybe there is some workaround.

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I didn't find an "idle" event either. But listening to ZOOM_CHANGED and DRAG_END individually should give you same results. Is there a particular reason why you are looking to avoid these 2 events for a generic Idle event ?

I would argue that individual events are better 'coz they give you a finer resolution at understanding the events.

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