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I'm creating file from windows service run under LocalSystem account. I have a windows application that monitors the specified folder where the file is created. I'm using FileSystemWatcher but it doesn't fire. The file icon in Windows explorer is a padlock icon. How can I create this file from the windows service, so that it is accessible from the windows user account?

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The FileWatcher is flaky. There are also issues if you are watching a folder on a network drive. I have seen a dozen or more applications that use a FileWatcher and everyone of them has more than once failed to recognize when a file was created.

I would backup the FileWatcher with a timed event that checks for new or modified files. That way if the FileWatcher fails to recognize the event, the timer will catch it.

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I've also had problems with file system watcher. One of the problems I get is multiple events for what most people would consider a single event. For instance, if you listening for changes to files, depending on a particular program operates, a single "save" action can generate multiple events. –  Kibbee Jan 25 '11 at 21:40

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