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How can I change the verbosity level when running Test Monkey from the command line?

These two commands work:

adb shell monkey -p 5000
adb shell monkey -p -v 5000

The Developer docs say, "Each -v on the command line will increment the verbosity level. Level 0 (the default) provides little information beyond startup notification, test completion, and final results. Level 1 provides more details about the test as it runs, such as individual events being sent to your activities. Level 2 provides more detailed setup information such as activities selected or not selected for testing."

However, when I try adb shell monkey -p -v -v 5000 I get a segmentation fault monkey -p

I tried adb shell monkey -p -v 2 5000, but monkey reads 2 as the count, rather than the value for -v.

Help? :)

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you can write this style: adb shell monkey -v -p 5000 – DxxxnBell Jul 12 '14 at 13:04
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It should be: adb shell monkey -p -vvv 5000

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Here is the correct command for the monkey test:

adb.exe shell monkey -p packagename -v 500   ***or***
adb.exe shell monkey -p packagename -v 500 >> log.txt

log.txt--> will created in the tools folder and all test result will store in that txt file.


C:\android-sdk-windows-1.6_r1\android-sdk-windows-1.6_r1\tools>adb.exe shell monkey -p fr.bouyguestelecom.sync -v 500 >> LOG.TXT

fr.bouyguestelecom.sync= is the package name.

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I have tried what you have mentioned above adb.exe shell monkey -p packagename -v 500 >> log.txt but i didn't got any log.txt files inside android-sdk/tools folder – Abhijit Chakra Nov 17 '14 at 7:01

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