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So I have a formula with a single variable = 1-h/145442 where the value h needs to be analyzed from values of 0 up to 36000 and display the answer. How do I do this in excel P.S. I am not good with excel please be clear thanks, Josh

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Since these are basic functions of spreadsheets this works with every spreadsheet program, I know of OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc and of Excel, and of course Lotus 1-2-3, the mother of spreadsheets.

In A1 type 0, in A2 1.

Select A1. In the name field combo, type in a1..a36001 <Enter> (to select that range).

Menu Edit / Fill / Series. You should have filled the selected range with the values from 0 to 36000.

In B1 enter

=1-A1/145442 <Enter>. 

In name field combo, enter B1..B36001 to select that range.

Press <Ctrl+U> to fill the range with the formula. Excel will increment the row number and treat the column letter as static (B2: =1-A2/145442, B3: =1-A3/145442, ...).

This should be it. If something does not work, you need instruction for another software (version) or I got you wrong let me know.

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