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I need a cloud database as a back-end for a mobile app, most of them will do what I need, but I also need a management interface (ideally web-based, but could be a Windows client) that makes it easy to:

  1. Add/edit data in the database (including cross-table forms)
  2. Report on the database, ideally with dashboards/charts

So I'm wondering if anyone is aware of a web-based too that can be hooked up to one of the main cloud-database providers, that allows me to design forms and reports to manage the data in the database. My goal is to avoid writing all the forms and reports myself so I can focus efforts on the client mobile app.

Right now my "best" solution appears to be Microsoft Access (probably hooked up to Microsoft SQL Azure), and I cannot believe I'd have to sink that low. Save me from this depravity? Please? :)

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The App Engine datastore has built in datastore viewers (and editors). On the dev_appserver, this is accessible at /_ah/admin/datastore, and in production it's accessible through your app's admin console. Neither one lets you build forms and reports, though - reports are somewhat out of scope for most NoSQL databases.

If you're prepared to do some coding, you might want to consider Django, which makes constructing admin interfaces extremely straightforward.

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I've been using SDBNavigator. It's a Chrome browser plugin. Works like a charm. "SDB Navigator on the Chrome web store"

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If you're using SimpleDB, check out sdbtool. It's a Firefox plugin. Very simple app - never had a problem with it.

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sadly sdbtool cannot keep up with Firefox's ridiculous new version numbers. –  Chris Masterton Oct 26 '11 at 21:30

You can use SDB Explorer. SDB Explorer is world leading GUI to explore Amazon SimpleDB. It have many features like --

  1. Upload My Sql data to amazon simpledb.
  2. Supports interface for AWS IAM.
  3. Export Domain.
  4. Product support.
  5. See more .. http://www.sdbexplorer.com/
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