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I am trying to to send a form via post but my multiple select box isn't being sent. How can I serialize the select box with the rest of the form and send it?

Here is the javascript I am using


           $('#form-to-submit select').val($('.fieldsetwrapper select').val());
            var data = $('#form-to-submit').serialize();


I get all fields but the select in the post data.

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I'm confused by your code sample. What are you trying to do? Send all the values in a form? Send just the value of the select box? Why are you cloning the form? What is fieldsetName? – lonesomeday Jan 25 '11 at 21:58
It's hard to tell... why are you removing the contents of #form-to-submit? I would alert($('#form-to-submit select').length) after your empty() call to see if the element exists at all. – typeof Jan 25 '11 at 22:03

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The select will only serialize if there are selections made... see

Here is an example with serialization and jsonification

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Wow it took me so long to find this answer. Works great! – Daniel Higueras Nov 23 at 14:49

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