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Using jQuery 1.4 and jQueryUI 1.8

I have a table structure with 3 columns, each of which is a "linked" sortable list.

I would like to send an AJAX update to my server, that only contains information for the given column (if any items were moved), and only for the two given columns if an item was moved between columns.

To expound: if List A, Item 1 moves only to a new position within List A, I have no reason to send a request to update any list order but List A, which can be accomplished via a callback on update. Easy.

However, if I move List A, Item 1 to List B, I would like to send as few requests as possible (1, possibly 2) to update the ordering for the given lists. However, when using callbacks receive and remove, update is always also called.

My first thought was to use update and/or remove, find the original list, and update both. But with update being called first, that would be cause at least one extra ajax request to the server.

If I use only update and just watch for ui.sender in the callback, I would still be sending 2 requests, because the first update fires for the list that's now missing an item (I have to assume it was only resorted with no ui.sender) and then the second update fires with a ui.sender, where I would update the old and new lists.

I can't not use update, or I'll miss items that are moved within their own list.

How should I approach this? What have I overlooked?

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Same problem. Did you find a solution?… – balu Feb 4 '11 at 8:25

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I spent some time on this and was dissapointed there was no answer here!!

But I eventually figured it out.

It works by checking the parent UL to see if the item actually exists in the list that its updating.

var sortorder = ui.item.index();

if(this.children[sortorder] != null 
&& this.children[sortorder].innerHTML == ui.item.context.innerHTML) //you could use an id here.
  // do stuff like update the sort order of the record in the database via ajax.

what is it with stack overflow and the code boxes that are only one line? Does anyone ele have this problem?? I'm using IE 6

Cheers, Nigel.

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