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What is the best commercial database application to create the database structure for a simple local database with one linked table that can create Access, Paradox and dBase files these days? Access, FoxPro, other? Are there any free or inexpensive shareware applications that do not use the BDE to do this?

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What is it you want? To create a file that you can send to someone and they can use it in Access, Paradox or dBase? Or you want a light weight DB that you applications uses? –  Richard L Jan 26 '09 at 14:36

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Advantage from Sybase is a direct BDE replacement. Royalty free local engine (just a dll that runs in-process with your application), inexpensive client/server, SQL and direct navigational table access. Includes lots of additional clients as well: .net data provider, jdbc, dbi, php, etc.

Great developer portal too. The DevZone.

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Advantage Database Server is a truly excellent product with outstanding performance and a great pedigree! –  andora Jun 1 '09 at 12:33

I have had great luck with DBISAM from ElevateSoft for years, and more recently with their ElevateDB product. Especially for local embedded databases that don;t require any additional install. No deployment fees, either.

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This Question covers this topic pretty well.

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