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I have an object and I want to write and xml element for each property in the object and the value as a string in the middle:

System.Type type = cabecera.GetType();
        System.Reflection.PropertyInfo[] propiedades = type.GetProperties();

            xml.WriteStartElement("CABFAC"); //inicio de cabecera

            // imprime inicio valor y fin de elemento por cada propiedad del objeto
            foreach (System.Reflection.PropertyInfo propiedad in propiedades) 
                xml.WriteString("value"); // here is the problem

            xml.WriteEndElement(); //fin de factura

How can I change the "value" for the propiedad.value x)

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xml.WriteString(propiedad.GetValue(cabecera, null).ToString());
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ty x) already solved –  Carlos Bolaños Jan 26 '11 at 0:01

already solved ty men

xml.WriteStartElement(propiedad.Name); object o = propiedad.GetValue(cabecera, null); if (o!= null) xml.WriteString(o.ToString().Trim()); xml.WriteEndElement();

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