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I am new to Documentum. I am creating a stand alone java application that needs to connect to a documentum instance (5.3). How would I go about connecting to the instance?

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You must install and configure Documentum Foundation Classes (Documentum API) at your client machine, copy dfc.jar at any place in your classpath and at the end read tons of documentation :-)

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first your dmcl.ini file must conain the following lines

host=<host address or ip of docbroker for your docbase>
port=<port # usually 1489>

then the following code should work for you

        String docbaseName = "docbase";
    	String userName = "user";
    	String password = "pass";
    	IDfClientX clientx = new DfClientX();
    	IDfClient client = clientx.getLocalClient();

    	IDfSessionManager sMgr = client.newSessionManager();
    	IDfLoginInfo loginInfoObj = clientx.getLoginInfo();
    	sMgr.setIdentity(docbaseName, loginInfoObj);
    	IDfSession session = null;
    		session = sMgr.getSession(docbaseName);
    		// do stuff here
    		if(session != null)
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