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I have stored name of a property of an object as a string. In PHP, if the object were named $object and the property variable was named $key, it could be accessed with $object->$key. How can I dynamically access properties in ActionScript?

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Hmm, x[key] or x.key (the second option will not work if x is strongly typed object.) –  doc_180 Jan 25 '11 at 22:47

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You can access it like this:

var obj = {
    property1: 'this is a property',
    property2: 'this is another property'
var key = 'property2';

obj[key]; // 'this is another property'
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It did the trick thanks for correcting my question also. –  Mr Coder Jan 26 '11 at 5:45

you can access values and properties in your object either by the dot operator or the array access operator:

var myObject:Object = new Object();
myObject.propString = "I'm a String";
myObject.propNumber = 22;
myObject.propObject = {keyOne: "Key String", keyTwo: 23};

trace(myObject["propString"], myObject.propNumber);  //I'm a String 22
trace(myObject.propObject.keyOne, myObject.propObject["keyTwo"]); //Key String 23

the above myObject variable could also be written like this:

var myObject:Object = {propString: "I'm a String", propNumber: 22, propObject: {keyOne: "Key String", keyTwo: 23}};
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