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I am trying to do some file io in a program to be compiled with pypy's translate tool. Since open and os.open are not supported, I need rlib.streamio. I tried to do import rlib but it gives the following error

[translation:ERROR]  ImportError': import statement always raises [type ImportError: 'No module named rlib']

I translate using

$ ./pypy-1.4.1-src/pypy/translator/goal/translate.py myScript.py

How do I import rlib in myScript.py?

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from pypy.rlib import streamio
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So it seems that pypy's translate looks for modules in the path of script (or installed modules), rather than its own system. Once I copied rlib into the current directory, I could compile it. I just had to

$ cp -r pypy-1.4.1-src/pypy/rlib .


$ ./pypy-1.4.1-src/pypy/translator/goal/translate.py myScript.py

compiled successfully.

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