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I'm back with yet another Oracle query. What I want to do is do counting on multiple columns grouped by a common field. I have half of this done so far. So given the following table

T1  _A_
T1  _A_
T1  _B_
T2  _A_
T2  _B_

I have this query

select    THING,
    count(ACTION) as "A"
 from  <table>
 where  ACTION = '_A_'
 group by THING

Which results in

T1    2
T2    1

What I would like to see though is this

T1    2   1
T2    1   1

But I'm not certain how to do that. Any ideas?


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select thing,
       count(case action when '_A_' then 1 end) as a,
       count(case action when '_B_' then 1 end) as b
from <table>
group by thing

or sum(case action when '_A_' then 1 else 0 end) if you prefer

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Excellent, thank you! –  dscl Jan 26 '11 at 1:52

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