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Is there any syntax query in mysql phpmyadmin to trim alphanumeric(varchar) data? Here's how I want it to happen:

In my table i have two fields id(int) and promocode(varchar)(25), inside my promocode column I have this sample data BEFKR679GKQTX46AFKP14VY composed of (25) ...and i want it to trim the first 12 alphanumeric only, making it look like these BEFKR679GKQT.. and I don't know how to change the existing 1,000 inputted data in my table.. into all 12 not 25.

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1) Back up your tables. If you can't do this, don't continue.

2) Test a command like on a test table and make sure you understand it:

UPDATE my_table SET promocode = SUBSTRING(promocode,1,12);

3) When it works you your satisfaction on test tables, and your back up is complete, do it to the real table.

More info on mysql string functions is here:

Running sql from myphpadmin is here:

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thanks john.. it worked – Kid Jan 26 '11 at 2:34

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