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I'm using jquery colorbox to popup user accounts in a window. I also have a button that loads more users into the page via ajax, but for some reason users loaded with ajax do not popup in colorbox window. How can I get colorbox to work with the content that was returned via ajax?

function loadMore(pageNo) {
    var url = '/search/resultsAjax';
    $.get(url, {page: pageNo}, function(response) {

$(document).ready(function() {
    var currPage = 1;
    $("").click(function() {

    $("a.usr").colorbox({width:"960px", height:"90%", iframe:true});
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When you bind colorbox in $(document).ready() with this:

$("a.usr").colorbox({width:"960px", height:"90%", iframe:true});

jQuery will go search through the page, grab everything that matches a.usr, bind colorbox to those items, and then forget all about a.usr. jQuery won't remember that you're interested in a.usr so the new ones won't be colorbox'd.

The usual solution to this sort of thing is to use .live() or .delegate() but those won't work here as there isn't a "colorbox" event.

However, you can bind colorbox by hand easily enough. Try change loadMore to something more like this:

function loadMore(pageNo) {
    $.get('/search/resultsAjax', { page: pageNo }, function(response) {
        var $html = $(response);
        $html.find('a.usr').colorbox({ width: '960px', height: '90%', iframe: true });

You just turn the response HTML into a jQuery object, find all the a.usr things inside it, bind colorbox to those, and then insert the new HTML into the DOM as usual.

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thank you for response, I was just wondering, would there be any difference, if I appended html first and then re-bind colorbox? – BugBusterX Jan 26 '11 at 21:22
@BugBusterX: You might end up binding colorbox to the same element twice and that could cause some confusion and bizarre behavior. Colorbox might be able to handle double binding but I wouldn't depend on it. – mu is too short Jan 27 '11 at 0:20

If you want to make it work globally, regardless of how the content is loaded:

$('body').on('click', 'a.usr', function() {
    $(this).colorbox({width:"960px", height:"90%", iframe:true});
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Use this:

<a onclick='parent.$.colorbox({href:"schedule_delete.php?sid=<?php echo $schedule_row->schedule_id; ?>"}); return false;'>delete</a
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