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I'm evaluating a simple function

y = (2*x)/sqrt( 1 + x.^2 ) ;

Where x is a vector with about 100 values in it. However Matlab makes y equal to a single scalar value in this instance.

If I do:

y = 2*x ;

I get a vector of values in y as expected

If I do:

y = x.^2 ;

I also get a vector of values in y as expected,

Why is the above equation y = (2*x)/sqrt( 1 + x.^2 ) ; giving a single value and not a vector of values?

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The operation B/A (given B = 2*x and A = sqrt(1+x.^2)) will attempt to perform matrix right division, which for a row vector x will be the solution in the least squares sense to the system of equations yA = B, which results in a scalar value for y.

For element-wise array division, perform the operation B./A instead (note the .).

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Ah, you mean Mr. Divide –  bobobobo Jan 26 '11 at 4:23
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