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I have been searching thru the web but cant find a confirmed answer. There are ways like removing the subview within the searchbar.subviews but is that allowed?

If not then, aside from changing the tintColor of SearchBar, or use a textfield instead, is there a way that wont break apple's rule and still being able to customize the background of searchBar?


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I worked on a shipping app that made the background of the search bar transparent. There were no problems with this.

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You are not breaking apple's rules if you are not conflicting with private API's.

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A solution I've seen used a lot (albeit only on toolbars and navigation bars, so I'm not 100% sure it'll work the same way): subclass UISearchBar and override its -drawRect:, drawing your own background image within the view's bounds.

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i used a pretty weird way to make the UISearchBar's background transparent. In the XIB, i drag a UIToolBar and put the UISearchBar inside the UIToolBar. It seems like iOS automatically make the UISearchBar background transparent to match the color of UIToolbar. Then I kinda subclass UIToolBar to override the drawRect of its super ^^; Thanks everyone!! I'd realy appreciate your advices! – Rae Feb 1 '11 at 5:28

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