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I would like to develop a tool/database application to manage the above mentioned program. Currently, we capture and store data (monthly reports from regional offices) in Excel but we want to change this because Excel is not a relational database. MS Access is the chosen one.

The application is mainly a data management and reporting solution for a program that monitors services provided to people (women, men and youth) in different Centres.

The services the program provides include Education, Development, and Health. These are the program indicators that we monitor. Health is an indicator. For instance, we want to know the how many (the total number) people received Education service in a given month, quarter or year. Or the total number of women received Health service in this month in a particular region.

To answer these questions, I have to create the database tables and their relationships properly.

Data Collection: There are 3 levels of data collection: Main Office, 10 Centres and 50 Locations.

Locations, physical places, are where services are provided. These are where data comes from.

Centres just compile data from their Locations. Each Centre is responsible for 5 Locations. Every Centre and Location has a name but for simplicity, letโ€™s called them Centre1, Centre2, Centre3 and so on. For example, Locations of Centre1 are Loc1A, Loc1B, Loc1C, Loc1D and Loc1E.

Data collection starts at Locations. They report to their Centres which report to the Main Office which combines all data. This is where, the Main Office, the application is needed!!

Data is collected this way: Locations โ†’ Centres โ†’ Main Office

There are two types of Locations: Big and Small. Some of the Locations are big while others are small. Big Locations (BigLoc) provide more service to more people than small Locations (SmalLoc). For example, Loc1A is a big place whereas Loc1C is a small place. This has to be captured in the database so we can keep track of where, Location, service is provided.

The Main Office receives aggregated data monthly from the 10 Centres on paper format. This is the service provided for people (women/men/youth) in different Locations (BigLoc/SmalLoc). Then the Main Office analyses the aggregated data collected and assess program progress.

There will be a data entry form, as well as other forms/report, to accommodate the current paper format so the users can enter the disaggregated data by Location type, adult/youth and gender. For example, we would like to know the total number of women received services in which Indicator (Health) in which Location (Loc1A) in which month (December 2010).

The following are the structure - database tables and their relationship. This is where I need help the most. I would appreciate any other advice and help.

Thank you, Mo

Service Delivery Table,
People Table,
Indicator Table,
Centre Table,
Location Table, 
Staff Table

ServiceDeliveyID (PK)
PeopleID (FK)
IndicatorID (FK) 
CentreID (FK)
LocationID (FK) 
DateRep (Date)
Gender (Txt)

PeopleID (PK) 
PeopleType (Txt) [Adult;Gender]
Gender (Y/N) [Women; Men; Youth]

IndicatorID (PK) 
IndicatorName (Txt)
IndicatorDescription (Txt)

SiteD (PK)
StaffID (FK)
CentreName (Txt)
CentreManager (Txt)
Contacts (Txt)

LocationID (PK)
CentreID (FK)
LocationName (Txt) 
LocationType (Txt) [SmallLoc; BigLoc]

StaffID (PK)
StaffName (Txt)
StaffRole (Txt)
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Not sure what your question is? –  Pekka ์›ƒ Jan 26 '11 at 14:11
What, precisely, is your question? –  Larry Lustig Jan 26 '11 at 14:11
Do locations have access to the internet? If so, would it not be easier for locations to enter the data on a private site? This need not be expensive or require much coding. –  Fionnuala Jan 26 '11 at 14:12
you should ask a real question. That's why I voted to close it. –  John Saunders Jan 26 '11 at 18:44
Is this a schema design question? An application design question? A deployment architecture question? Is there a question at all? –  David-W-Fenton Jan 26 '11 at 23:15

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