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I have an asynch task with my app which goes to a website, grabs the results from the API and appends a number of clickable textviews to an existing LinearLayout.

However I want to be able to launch a new activity when the textview is clicked. This isn't possible with the asynch class defined in a seperate file, would it be easier to define it as an inline class within the activity?

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You can always pass Context to your async class.

A better approach would be to have callbacks (listeners) in the calling class for the async to call back to.

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This is probably the best solution to the problem. However I cheated a little and inlined the class within the activity. –  purserj Jan 31 '11 at 0:54
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Do not use a context as an Activity! You will probably receive a cast error anyway. Instead, you can pass the activity as a function parameter, like this:

 public void function(Activity act)
   Intent intent = new Intent(act, newActivity.class);

Or overload the constructor to accept the activity as a parameter. But I strongly suggest you to check you code. If you are calling an activity, you, probably, should be within another one, don't you agree? But, I Know that sometimes we have to make a few concessions, in order to make things work properly. So, use it wisely.

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One approach is to inflate your TextViews from an XML file that declares an onClick attribute, naming a method defined in your Activity.

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