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I've been working with Facebook for a while now, and am in constant battle with their poor documentation and buggy framework. My latest issue is a strange javascript loop that happens when I close a "Feed" popup window before it's done loading. I've been using the recommended Javascript SDK in an IFrame.

This problem seems to be worst when replicated in Firefox.

Given how poorly the facebook documentation is updated, I've tried the two different ways they suggest to make a wall post. Both of these do the same thing.

 method: 'feed',
 name: Title,
 link: postLink,
 picture: imgLink,
 caption: Caption,
 description: Body,
 message: ''

 method: 'stream.publish',
 message: '',
 target_id: TargetUserId,
  name: Title,
  caption: Caption,
  description: Body,
  href: postLink,
  media: postMedia
 action_links: [{ text: Title, href: postLink}]

I'm currently usng the former implementation because it seems to have fixed an issue with a facebook popup sometimes getting stuck on the loading icon.

This method is wrapped in another that's invoked from a flash application embedded on the page. Also, this IFrame is running inside an FBML page with the fb:iframe tag. I'm using an FBML parent so I can use their invite control.

If a user close the popup before it finishes loading, it looks like these three methods are being called in a tight loop. The three main javascript methods being hammered are 'resolveResolution', 'onload' and 'doFragmentSend'. It's also making an awful lot of requests to

This issue can be replicated by accessing my application at

To access the game, you'll need to use a beta key, so feel free to use one of these:


The easiest way to show this bug is to click on 'Smack Talk' in the leaderboard and close the popup before it finishes loading.

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It appears this hack fixed the issue - – Mr Snuffle Feb 19 '11 at 1:29

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