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I want to add the CacheControl intormation to a GET service that use the json binding. I found that to add the cacheControl to a response the REST service sound like this:

def testcache():javax.ws.rs.core.Response {
    val rb:Response.ResponseBuilder = javax.ws.rs.core.Response.ok("chached test message")
    val cc = new CacheControl()


but I have a REST service that produce json messages and the jersey library transform automaticcally the java object from java to xml/json.

@Produces(Array(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON, MediaType.APPLICATION_XML))
def myjsontestservice(@HeaderParam("X-TOKENID") tokenId: String,
@QueryParam("clientId") clientId: String):com.test.MyResultClass = {
 val response= new com.test.MyResultClass


How can I add the cache control to the response of myjsontestservice service? Do I need to use a filter and append the cachecontrol once the response has been created by jersey? thanks million Flavio

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You would still need to return a Response object.

def somejson() : Response = {
  val builder = Response.ok(new com.test.MyResultClass);
  val cc = new CacheControl()

Jersey's interceptors will automatically convert your class into a JSON object.

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