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I wnat to have autocompletion for my application, but there are some pecularities I need to take care of.

The backing of my field is a list of objects, which may have several fields (lets say id and name). Autocompletion should work on on either one. After completion the field should contain the id, not the name, and it should be possible to input something different, namely an id which does not belong to an object of the given list.

Has somebody built something like that for SWT/JFace?

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Try looking at the org.eclipse.jface.fieldassist package, it may do what you want. More specifically, you can write your own ContentProposalAdapter, add a IContentProposalListener, and attach it to the modify event of a Text widget, for instance.

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I used SWT Add-ons for auto-complete text fields. They're not perfect, but worked for me

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I use it too. Gets the job done (had to change some code to get the desired effect) –  marcolopes Oct 27 '12 at 2:18

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