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I am trying to link an application with multiple static Libraries in GCC.

There are two libraries that cause problems. Libsupport provides a terminal for the application. It relies on libcpu to provide a serial link, timing and syncronisation. Libcpu relies on libsupport to provide queueing for serial data and more.

If I specify libsupport first when linking libcpu cannot be linked with the queue functions. Is I specify libcpu first lib support can not link the serial link (and more) functions.

It looks like GCC parses a library only once and discard any unused objects.

Can I specify that gcc parse libraries multiple times or that it include all objects?

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Here is detailed explanation of why either repeating libraries or using --start/--end-group is required in this situation.

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gcc ... -lsupport -lcpu -lsupport -lcpu

-> Each mention of a library will cause resolution of libraries that came before it (but not necessarily ones specified afterwards), which is why you may need to specify more "-lsupport -lcpu" in future.

Alternatively, try --start-group -lsupport -lcpu --end-group once.

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The group specifier is interesting.. never seen it before. –  Spaceghost Jan 27 '11 at 2:54

You can normally specify a library more than once to get around this kind of problem, e.g.

$ gcc ... -lsupport -lcpu -lsupport ...
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I tried it but it did not work. Then I tried "-lsupport -lcpu -lsupport -lcpu" and it worked. Not sure what is happing but the application is linking. –  Gerhard Jan 26 '11 at 8:56

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