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How do I read/print the contents of a JQuery json array. I receive json data from a php page example :

$jc = $_GET['jsoncallback'];

$users[1] = array('name' => 'Dave', 'email' => 'dave@jjjjce.be'); 
$users[2] = array('name' => 'Erik', 'email' => 'erik@jkghjk.be'); 

echo  $jc . '(' . json_encode($users)  . ')';

Where jsoncallback is the call back function. So far so good. But how do I print this array?



      $.each(data, function(i){




What ever happens I cannot get "data.name, i.data.name" or any combination to print out all I get is undefined. How do you print out JQuery arrays? PLease just point me in the right direction. It has taken ages to get the $.getJSON working - I can do it with a one dimensional array, but I just cannot get the multi-dimension array to print. I know it is "happening" as I can alert(i) and I get the right keys but I cannot get at the values.

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try this,

$.each(data, function(i,item){ // notice the item


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$.each(data, function() {

or if you prefer:

$.each(data, function(index, value) {
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$.each(data, function(index, value) {
    $('#testit').append(value.name + '<br />'); 

If you want to print all of them :-)

Also, you're expecting a callback in the php code. enter ?jsoncallback=, not ?jsoncallback=?

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