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I have a directory structure like this:

 +-- myClass
 |   +-- MainClass.class
 +-- dummy
     +-- DummyClass.class

MainClass contains the public static void main(String args[]) and imports dummy.DummyClass.

I compile with a simple command like javac myClass/ dummy/ and all is fine. But when I try to execute it from ./ using java myClass.MainClass I get the "cannot find main class" error.

If I change the classpath with the -cp option then MainClass can't find DummyClass anymore.

Any hints?

Thank you very much ;)

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Does MainClass have this at the top: package myClass;?

This is necessary for the class to considered part of the package myClass and only then it can be correctly addressed as myClass.MainClass - the directory structure has to mirror the pacakge structure.

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ok, I'm stupid :D forgot to write it in the MainClass. Thank you, man ;) – 3mpty Jan 26 '11 at 9:26

This should work for you:


package myClass;

import dummy.Dummy;

public class MainClass{

java public static void main(String[] args){

    System.out.println(:"This is the main class");
    Dummy dummy = new Dummy();



package dummy;

public class Dummy{

public void exec(){

    System.out.println("This is the dummy class exec invocation");



At the commandline in the root folder:

javac myClass/ dummy/

  • This will result in the class being compiled

And, this will execute and invoke the "main" in the MainClass: javac myClass/ dummy/

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