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Hy my question really is about how to kill an already onload redirection.

I'v got a between page opening, that's set for an 10 sec delay before going to the destination:

var strUrl = /*from query string, or somewhere else..*/

window.onload = function()
  window.setTimeout('redirect(strUrl)', 10000);
function redirect(strUrl)

Now in the HTML body i'v got some UI elements, 2 buttons (continue, bookmark), 1 checkbox (don't show anymore,..)

Something like:

<body onOrientationChange="smartOrientation();">

  <div id="img_logo">
    <img src="#">  

  <div id="txt">

  <div id="btn_bookmark">
    <a href=""  
        class="button green" 

  <!-- checkboxes,..etc -->


Now what I WANT is to always have the setTimeout redirection active, but if in those 10 sec. user clicks on the checkbox or the bookmark button, i want it to break/stop.


onload: setTimeOut(URL,10sec); - 1,..2,..3,..

listener: if(#div1 || #div2 || ..#divN) are clicked? -> immediately STOP/BREAK setTimeout (kill the 10 seconds bomb)

ps (side Q): I use jquery, and have set onload after dom.ready() because in that whay dom.ready is always a little faster than onload. Is there gonna be a race problem because of this?

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declare the timeout in a variable:

var t = window.setTimeout('redirect(strUrl)', 10000);

and later use that variable


to kill it

more here

besides that: use document.ready() OR onload , to prevent yourself from frenzy-racing conditions.

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 var mytimer = window.setTimeout('redirect(strUrl)', 10000);


 if (condition){


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i feel stupid. thx guys – PathOfNeo Jan 26 '11 at 9:58

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