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Is there a code example available on the web which helps me getting started with mail creation (including a recipient list) with Delphi and Outlook? Currently we use mailto: however this has a limitation regarding the URL length, and we need a way to put quite many users on the recipient list. (No this is will not be a spam mail application). We can not use SMTP because the user needs to display and edit the draft before sending.

I have found some hints about WebDAV, maybe this is another option (using MS Exchange 2008)?

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Take a look at:


Its a really good component, I have been using it for a long time with great results. It supports MS Exchange as well.

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Many thanks for the suggestion(s) so far! I have also found an article about OLE (instead of MAPI). I will test it as soon as possible, with Outlook 2010.

Sending an email from Delphi with Outlook

"Outlook can be easily controlled through OLE. Try the sample procedure SendOutlookMail() from below. This does not work with Outlook Express"

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