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Could someone help me afloat here? Still new to F#, actually trying to use it for the first time for something serious but got stuck on this nOOb issue.

I have a type Asset

type Asset(line:string) = 
    let fields = line.Split(',') 
    member this.EAD = Double.Parse(fields.[8])

Then i expose a csv file as a seq<Asset>:
'data' here is a seq<string> of the lines in the file

let assets = Seq.map(fun line -> Asset(line)) data

Now I want to get the total EAD of these assets, but I get an error

'This value is not a function and cannot be applied'.

Here's some of the things I tried:

let totEAD = Seq.sum(a.EAD) assets // first try
let totEAD = Seq.sum(fun(a)->a.EAD) assets // pretty sure this is a function..

let getEad(a:Asset) = a.EAD // val getEad : Asset -> float ... is it a val of a function?
let x = Seq.sum(fun (a) -> getEad(a)) assets // nope...

Thanks in advance,



This works, but I'm still puzzled why I can't do this in one go, any tips there?

let x = Seq.map(fun (a:Asset) -> a.EAD) assets // first turn it into a seq<float>
let tot = Seq.sum(x)
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First try not working is normal, Seq.sum wants a static function, how can it know what a is? –  Benjol Jan 26 '11 at 10:41
Hi thanks, your comment helped my find Seq.fold, but Ross' is even better. –  gjvdkamp Jan 26 '11 at 11:18

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Your problem here is that Seq.sum assumes it is able to work on the whole type and does not accept a lambda. It is looking for a (+) operator to be defined on your type. What you want to do is use sumBy, which does accept a lambda.

Additionally, prefer the pipe-lining syntax. If you specify the input sequence first, the clever type inference system can then work out in the sumBy lambda what type you are dealing with automatically so you won't have to add type annotations:

let total =
    |> Seq.sumBy( fun a -> a.EAD )
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Thanks! Glad to give you your first reputation points! –  gjvdkamp Jan 26 '11 at 11:22
thanks - I actually have another account, but I logged in via fbook and it appears to have created me a new one :) –  Ross McKinlay Jan 26 '11 at 11:27

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