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I have this regex

regex = ~/\"([^"]*)\"/

so Im looking for all text between quotes now i have the following string

options = 'a:2:{s:10:"Print Type";s:8:"New Book";s:8:"Template";s:9:"See Notes";}'

however doing

regex.matcher(options).matches() => false

should this not be true, and shouldn't I have 4 groups

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The matcher() method tries to match the entire string with the regex which fails.

See this tutorial for more info.

I don't know Groovy, but it looks like the following should work:

def mymatch = 'a:2:{s:10:"Print Type";s:8:"New Book";s:8:"Template";s:9:"See Notes";}' =~ /"([^"]*)"/

Now mymatch.each { println it[1] } should print all the matches.

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mymatch.each { println it[1] } prints just the matches :-) –  tim_yates Jan 26 '11 at 11:17
@tim_yates: Thanks for the correction! –  Tim Pietzcker Jan 26 '11 at 11:38

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