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I have searched for hours and not found the answer to this, so was hoping someone here could help.

How do I get the roles set on a node from code behind?

I have my node: Node nodeToCheck = new Node(nodeID);

How do I now know what role permissions are set on this node?

Thanks in advance.

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This is using aspnet membership if it makes a difference – jimplode Jan 26 '11 at 13:38

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I just found out how to do this, so thought I would report back here:

string[] roles = Access.GetAccessingMembershipRoles(int.Parse(nodeID), nodeToCheck.Path);

or simpler if you do not want to manually check the roles assigned you can check against the membershipuser

bool hasAccess = Access.HasAccess(int.Parse(nodeID), nodeToCheck.Path, MembershipHelper.GetCurrentUser());
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In Umbraco (after 4.7) we can simply do

node.HasAccess // this tells you if the current user has access to that node

Before that we had

node.HasAccess() // or something like that..
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