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I'm new to ruby world and i'm currently studying it. I have read over the google about nil object, but still can`t figure out what it is ?

Can anyone explain me in more details or share some link for further reading ?

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nil is the one and only instance of the NilClass class. It doesn't have any special behavior (other than the fact that it's interpreted as false in a boolean context (e.g. in an if condition), as Andrew Grimm helpfully pointed out). The purpose of nil is to signify "no result".

For example a method which is supposed to find an item meeting a certain condition would return nil if there is no item that meets the condition. Or accessing the ith element of an array which has less than i elements will return nil.

It has a similar purpose to the null pointer in other languages, except that you can call Object methods (i.e. methods which are defined on every object) on it without causing an exception.

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One somewhat special behaviour of nil is that it's the only object that lacks truthiness apart from false. –  Andrew Grimm Jan 26 '11 at 22:01
@Andrew: Oh right, good point. –  sepp2k Jan 26 '11 at 22:02

Think of nil as null. But since everything in Ruby is an object, nil is the only instance of singleton class NilClass. Then, nil responds to methods and can be monkey patched. In fact, you can do anything you can do to any other class (taking into account that it is singleton).

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