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This is my first attempt at a jquery plugin and I've looked at a few tutorials that do it differently. I'm pasting 3 methods below and my question is: are there any problems with any of these methods, or any reasons why I should follow or not follow one of those methods? I thought this.each(function() in the second example was interesting so I'm inclined to follow this example, but not sure. Looking for more expert advice.

First example I saw starts the plugin like this, where xyz is the plugin name

new function($) {
    $.fn.xyz = function(settings) {
        settings = settings || {};

        return ////;

Second tutorial from here says this is the way to do it

        xyz: function() { 
            //Iterate over the current set of matched elements
            return this.each(function() {             
                //plugin code             

and 3rd one starts it like this

jQuery.fn.center = function(){
   var element = $(this);


   function xyz(){
     //plugin code
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You can't go far wrong than jQuery's official doc on authoring a plugin - http://docs.jquery.com/Plugins/Authoring

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