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I have a form that doesn't work properly when I input somehting with an accent.

If I input "bâtiment", for instance, in the form, I'm sent to formation.php?search=b%E2timent, instead of formation.php?search=bâtiment

What could cause that ?


I have another form that sends me correctly to something.php?search=bâtiment, with the accent in the URL...

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%E2 is how you represent â in a URL.

It will be decoded automatically in $_GET['search']

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you can convert it back on the far end using $search=url_decode($_REQUEST['search']); URL specs say you can't use accent characters as valid URI characters so they are URL encoded on the fly for you.

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Check the page encoding.

Are you sure of what encoding you are using %E2 is a latin1 encoding of â but many code use the windows cp1252. Try to use %c6%92 (the utf8 encoding of â) and (%83, cp1252)

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