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I've got an amount of data that I'm about to put into a database, it's a list of GPS points.

I want to iterate over this database and create a table of 'hot spots' where there are a high number of database points in a certain size of area (either a square area, or a circular area - I don't need to be exact).

Can anyone recommend existing algorithms that might help me with this?

Thanks in advance!


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This might be better asked over at – Rowland Shaw Jan 26 '11 at 13:22
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K-Means clustering would be a good starting point, for identifying hot-spots. See wikipedia entry.

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How about creating a raster with a given cell size and assigning the raster value to the number of points falling within each pixel (a density plot)? It's a basic approach with some limitations (where you place the grid and the pixel size will affect the outcome), but if that's all you need... This could be accomplished easily in R using the spatstat package. Check out this pdf tutorial on spatstat for examples.

Unless another variable is attached to your points, it's not really hotspot detection, just a determination of point density...

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