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We're developing a big application using osgi (felix, spring-dm, maven-plugin). I'd like to add to the doc a complete graph of all dependencies (import/export from each bundle). This is both for documentation and to double check if there are wrong versions or incompatible requirement somewhere.

Is there a tool that would go across all the bundle (in jar format) get the manifest file and display the graph? or at least produce a complete list of all the required bundles?

In case it doesn't exist do you think it would be a good idea for us to write it ourselves?

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Such a thing already exists for Eclipse with PDE ... the blog post here shows a generic PDE solution and the other here shows the Spring Tool Suite solution.

Graph Plug-in dependencies view from the generic PDE solution

Install URL:

Project page:

See also post here for instructions for the generic PDE solution:

  1. Show View -> Plug-in Development -> Graph Plug-in dependencies
  2. Right-Click in the view -> select Focus-on
  3. Select a Plug-in using Eclipse' standard plugin chooser
  4. enjoy
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BTW, this also works for OSGi bundle projects. – Jörg Jan 26 '11 at 15:16

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