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I have a simple web site (localhost/test) in IIS 5.1 with only a HttpModule and one aspx page.
When I browse the aspx page, the HttpModule works ok.
A POST with soapUI to the url of the aspx page (localhost/test/default.aspx) also works.
But a POST to the url of the web site (localhost/test) is not intercepted by the HttpModule.

What can I do to let the HttpModule react on all POST messages to the site.

Sorry when this is a beginner's question, but several days ago this worked on IIS 7.5 on another machine - has it got anything to do with the version of IIS?

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You need to configure IIS to send all requests through ASP.Net by adding a wildcard mapping.

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Thank you for the anwer and link. I entered .* and copied the exe path (an exe that doesn't exist..) from another entry and it works. –  Gerard Jan 26 '11 at 14:22

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