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Rails 2.3.5, Ruby 1.86, Will_Paginate 2.3.15

I have a fairly large search form (text box, radio buttons, check boxes, collection_select, etc.). I've added will_paginate in for the list of results. Everything works fine except when moving to a new page the only param being sent is "page". When moving to a new will_paginate page, the result is the query goes to defualt showing all records because none of the search form params are being sent.

For the Will_Pagenate links (<%= will_paginate @contacts %>), is it possible to somehow force all the params from a form to be sent (just as if the submit button is clicked)? Or how should I go about this?


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I was looking around a found a mention of changing the "post" method of a form to a "get" method. That was my problem - the search form selections are being preserved through will_paginate page changes now.

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Please link to where you found it in the docs and mark this answer as the correct one. – mislav Jan 26 '11 at 22:59

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