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I have problem with data format. When I create document in lotus database (in lotus client) date is inserted without time

Field Name: data_fim
Data Type: Time/Date
Data Length: 8 bytes
Seq Num: 1
Dup Item ID: 0
Field Flags: SUMMARY


when I create/change it from C# it contains time:

Field Name: data_inicio
Data Type: Time/Date
Data Length: 8 bytes
Seq Num: 12
Dup Item ID: 0
Field Flags: SUMMARY

2010-12-15 00:00:00 CET

Command used for change doc

doc.ReplaceItemValue("data_inicio", Convert.ToDateTime( "2010-12-15"));

Thank you in advance

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Use DateTime formatting

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Date time formating generates string as output – K M Jan 26 '11 at 15:28

The problem is with your Lotus Notes Date Field. You need to have the property "Display Time" checked.

On the Form go to your date field and then click on properties On the Second Tab you will see two sections: On Display -->Display Date & Display Time Make sure both of those are checked.

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I'am not able to change anything on lotus application. The problem is that on summary list I see 2 documents (one created in lotus, one in C#) as 2 separate dates (one with time shown, one without) – K M Jan 26 '11 at 14:49

Rather than using ReplaceItemValue and Convert, if you use a notesDateTime object, you can create a date-time field with the date-only component. For example:

Dim dt As notesDateTime
Set dt = New NotesDateTime ("1/1/2011")
set doc.testDate = dt
call (true, false)
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