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In Symbian S60 (not QT), if a menu item is not applicable to my current menu state, can I make it appear but greyed out, or is it always removed from the menu (i.e. invisible)?

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In Symbian S60, CEikMenuPane::SetItemDimmed() removes menu options.

In the now defunct Symbian UIQ, the same function dimmed/greyed out menu options.

See this book.

So just use that function and have them removed in Symbian 60 (which has merged and is just called Symbian nowadays).

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I never saw this in past 8yrs I am developing on Symbian, the item is always hidden. I had made custom menu on my own - but I cannot advice this approach. With Symbian source code I could probably hack it for your application, but the effort will not be paid back.


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