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I can't get over what appears to be a simple css formatting problem in Chrome: I want to put a table towards the right, and a label and some buttons toward the left, inside the same paragraph. This works easy enough in other browsers (FF, IE7 & 8), but in Chrome the table stretches over the entire page, under the label.


<div class="formrow">
  <label> </label>
  <div style="display: inline; width: 208px; ">
    <table id="tbl_Index" class="grid" style="display: inline; width: 208px; table-layout: fixed;">
            <tr class="">
                <th style="width: 50px;"></th>
                <th style="width: 150px;" class=""></th>
            <tr id="1" class="">
                <td style="width: 50px;"></td>
                <td style="width: 150px;"></td>
            <!-- etc... -->

Thing is, I've tried just about any trick I found to get the table limited at 200px:

  • I tried assigning table-layout: fixed, which, in conjunction with width, should have limited my table to 208px;
  • I tried wrapping the table in a div and setting the div inline, to limit the table this way
  • I tried styling the grid with display: inline; and then setting max-width: 208px; (you might know that max-width only applies to inline or block, and table is neither of those.)

What's really annoying for me is that if I go in the console and try to get width for the table, it does tell me 208; but when I look in the compiled properties for the table, it displays 0px;

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Add to the table's style: float:right; and you want to use inline-block and not inline this should do the trick

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It does reduce the table at the proper width, but it jams everything under the grid in the left side; I tried adding a <div style="float: none"> which iirc solves the problem, but it still didn't help. –  Liz Jan 26 '11 at 15:19
clear: both did the trick, however. –  Liz Jan 26 '11 at 15:24

You can try to use this css above:

div.formrow { clear:left; }
div.formrow label { float:left; }
div.formrow tabel { width:208px; border-collapse:collapse; display:inline-block; }
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