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I have a TransactionScope that houses another TransactionScope which makes an insert, then i commit the inner TransactionScope. Before i commit the outer TransactionScope, i want to be able to retrieve the data of my insert from the database. Is it possible to do that?

Visual Aid:

TransactionScope #1
  TransactionScope #2
  TransactionScope #2 -- Committed

  //Can i retrieve the values of my insert from the database from here?
TransactionScope #1 -- Committed
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Yes, you can do that as long as you're doing it from within the same transaction.

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I would add that if you wan your inner Transaction to be roll-overed independantly from its outer transaction your can create it with the TransactionScope.RequiresNew option. But beware of the deadlocks then... –  Benjamin Baumann Feb 10 '11 at 12:03

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