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as a software developer, I offer free trial versions of my software for download. I can see from my stats that many that download the trials don't run them. My main target user is PC novices, so I think many of them doesn't realize they have to run the downloaded installer.


Would it be possible to write a small download client in Flash, that starts when the user clicks a download button, automatically downloads my .exe file and runs it when downloaded?

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No, that's not possible, and will be a very dangerous security flaw. You should make instructions clearer, somewhere around the download button, for your users to realize it.

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I don't believe Flash allows any way to get such access; Adobe Air will allow you to run Flash based applications on the desktop but I do not believe it runs in the browser. However, I do know that Java applets can allow you to do such. The user will need the Java plug-in installed. By signing your applet, you can get access if the user allows it (it will ask them Yes or No). Here is a good tutorial on how. Hope that helps!

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